Despite all the craziness that seems to represent this year, I know I can still count on certain things, like the changing of seasons. Fall



If you’re building or remodeling a home, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a design for your secondary bathrooms. They often get put on the

IBB Design Outdoor Rendering


With summer fast approaching, the desire to start enjoying the beauty and sunshine is blooming.  Having an outdoor space that is your own little slice

IBB Design Showroom Designed by Pam Hood

Bring In the Color

Do you remember your first impression of our IBB Design store in Frisco?
Mine was “WOW, I just love all of the beautiful, vibrant colors!”

Outdoor Artificial Plants

As real as they look outdoors, artificial trees are made out of top quality plastic, carefully chosen material to give the finished product a natural

IBB Design Showroom

Mix or Match?

A common question we get asked is if all your furniture in a room should match. The short answer is no! While you want your