Designer-Obsessed Furnishings

Seasons come and seasons go – as do the trends with design – so how do you possibly decorate your home for a more sustainable aesthetic? I like to say each room needs its “Romeo” – the furniture piece you just love and that loves you back! There are always pieces of good design that will serve this purpose. Opt for furniture that isn’t too traditional or too modern with scale/proportion on the moderate side so that they can carry over into other styles with just slight altering of color or with accessories.

Great pieces to accomplish this would be in the chest or cabinet category, or a display cabinet that can be used in a dining room, living room, bedroom, or even in a wide hall or niche. Shown is the same chest – one more traditional and the other more contemporary, differing simply by the change in the finish. Rugs and art aren’t usually those carry over “designer” pieces because they are generally definite colors and patterns to fit the trend at the time. If you need your “Romeo,” come to IBB, and one of the talented design staff would be happy to assist!