Angela Davidson, IBB Designer

Mixing Metals

Angela Davidson, IBB DesignerAngela Davidson, IBB DesignerMixing metals is no longer considered a faux pas in the design world. The juxtaposition between the warm, golden tones of brass and gold and the cool tones of stainless steel and brushed nickel blends beautifully. The combination can create a harmonious mix that is interesting and highlights the contrast between the elements.

Clients often ask whether it is okay to mix metals in their homes. This question was my inspiration for designing this primary bedroom and sitting area, showing that mixing metals as well as incorporating different textures can add warmth and luxury to your space.

It is best to choose your favorite metal and make it the dominant one you use throughout. The area rug was chosen because of the beautiful blend of gold, silver, cream, and gun metal gray and became the anchor piece in the primary bedroom. Since the rug had a lot of warm gold, the subtle champagne, gold, and black diamond pattern on the bedding was chosen to add texture to blend with the rug. The metallic gray leather chairs with gold legs add sophistication to the sitting space and were paired with a small end table with a marble top with a matte bronze base. Wood was introduced on the nightstand, bedside table, and on the trim of the headboard and helps to add warmth to the room. Throughout the space, different textures and coordinating colors were used on accessories, bedding, pillows, artwork, and draperies to make the room feel more cohesive and inviting.