Curve Appeal

After so many years of streamlined minimalism controlling the market, I’m having a blast bringing character back into pieces. As much as I love a

Jory Gattis, IBB Designer

Timeless “Trend”

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I’m not an advocate of investing in trends, opting instead for great timeless staples and things that

Top 5 Market Trends

I am excited to share with you the hottest trends from the Spring 2022 High Point Market with the latest in furnishings and home décor!

Blast from the Past

The organic shapes, minimalist styling, and interesting mixes of materials make midcentury design a huge fan favorite. The style this American design movement stemmed

Fall is in the Air!

While it’s still a little toasty to turn over the closet with the fall wardrobe, it’s right on time to start bringing those fall layers