Glamorous Greeting

Rendering by Daniel M. Chavez

A trend I am noticing lately is special lighting. Chandeliers as jewelry, sconces for impact, picture lights for task lighting, etc. When I was asked to address my client’s hallway, I had to sit down and really think about how to make a seemingly mundane space become something special. She shared with me that guests use this hallway more often than the main entrance, and she wanted it to make an impact for her family and guests. This particular home already had a beautiful spattering of navy blues in upholstery, art, and paint accents across the home. Standing in the main entryway just to the left, is a sitting area with navy blue walls and beautiful floral accent chairs. Just to the right is the hallway we addressed, which was painted white. I decided that we needed to balance the weight of the navy walls on our left and knew immediately that a grasscloth was the way to go. I have always loved grasscloth wallpaper, so its recent resurgence in popularity is music to my ears. It provides beautiful texture, depth of color, and balance to the space. Since this family has young children, we opted for vinyl grasscloth instead of the real thing. This material provides beauty and peace of mind, as it is much more durable than the natural alternative.

The next step was to decide how to bring a sense of special to this space, with no furniture to provide a base for accessories. This is where lighting came in. The hall had existing can lights that we chose to swap out for these beautiful gold pendants. I wanted to bring that gold tone down lower to balance and decided that installing picture lights above the artwork was the way to go. With that pop of gold on one side, I needed to balance it on the other… so along came these stunning gold twig mirrors, which also reflect light and make the space feel larger. The end result is absolutely lovely! Guests are now greeted by a stunning entrance that ties in elements that already existed in the home. We went from an empty white space to a warm textural hug. The story begins as soon as you step foot in this hallway, and it’s a story that anyone should be happy to call home!