Dining By Design

The dining room and the kitchen are generally the two main gathering spots for friends and family, and the common architecture of today often has

1 Bathroom 3 Design Options

Sometimes it’s hard for clients to grasp design options and understand what it will look like when it’s completed. Renderings are a helpful tool that

Mid-Century Vibes

The design world uses the term Mid-Century Modern to classify a vast array of design styles, from describing spaceage furniture to color blocking. The term

Lauren Macnak, IBB Designer

Warm & Wild Side

With fall quickly approaching and the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, thick sweaters, and cozy patio season, it might be time for some interior adjustments

Delightful Dining

A wallpaper mural in Sky Blue sets the stage for a delightful dining experience in my client’s home. Traditionally, the dining room is a bit

Designing A Pool Bar

We used a bright, bold, and happy lemon tree patterned wallpaper as our jumping off point for this pool bar. The room features a

Glamorous Greeting

A trend I am noticing lately is special lighting. Chandeliers as jewelry, sconces for impact, picture lights for task lighting, etc. When I was

Top 5 Market Trends

I am excited to share with you the hottest trends from the Spring 2022 High Point Market with the latest in furnishings and home décor!

Tranquil Home Office

With the busy hustle and bustle of today’s demanding world, if you work from home, you might have a strong desire for your workspace

Blog Pam Work Play Relax

Work, Play, Relax…

This bedroom was inspired by clients asking me for help updating their primary bedroom. If you have a bedroom full of dark wood furniture, a

Room Refresh Reveal

I’m excited to finally reveal our daughter Brooklyn’s new room to you! After experiencing many lengthy delays on her new furnishings and decor, her room

Bold Dining

One of the best ways to make an impact in any room of your home is by opting for bold color. That’s exactly what

Blast from the Past

The organic shapes, minimalist styling, and interesting mixes of materials make midcentury design a huge fan favorite. The style this American design movement stemmed

Live It Up by Kay Lewis

Live It Up

At the end of the day, living rooms work hard to make us feel cozy when required and welcoming when we are entertaining. How you

Serving with Style

As we approach the holiday season, a staple for entertaining is a well-stocked and well-styled bar cart. I have a fool-100- proof formula for showcasing

Show Your Style

A well styled console or chest can be that “FIRST IMPRESSION” in your entry.
Display a favorite piece of art or mirror in the

Room Refresh Reveal

Last Christmas, our daughters both asked for a room refresh as their present. I’m excited to share the results of Jaylie’s room makeover in our

Designer Dogs

Our fur babies are the heart of our little family. Sprocket is our 16-year-old papillon, chihuahua mix. I had a friend in college who

Fall is in the Air!

While it’s still a little toasty to turn over the closet with the fall wardrobe, it’s right on time to start bringing those fall layers