Refreshing Your Outdoor Space in 2024!

Outdoor seasonal updates can feel daunting but can actually be simple if you think about it like transitions for your wardrobe. For me, the start of 2024 is all about layers, warm tones, and cozy textures. Regardless of your personal style, applying this simple concept for your outdoor refresh will allow you to add that extra layer of personalization and flare. The options for outdoors have grown immensely in the last few years, so there is no excuse to skimp on the extra styling!


This palette screams Ralph Lauren vibes. Whether you have traditional wrought iron furniture or a more transitional fully upholstered look to your patio furniture, incorporating menswear-inspired textiles makes the space immediately feel rich and inviting. A traditional Persian style rug and table lamps add an unexpected “indoor” element to your patio that makes things feel cozy and warm. Outdoor rated permanent botanicals are an easy way to add yet another layer, and they are 100% maintenance free in that they don’t require watering, fertilizing, or even sunlight! They’re perfect to add an organic element to covered spaces. At the end of the season, just dust them off and haul them off to storage with the Christmas trees to be ready for the end of the year.


I love the look of a chic quilted black leather Chanel handbag, but I also love their seasonal tweed collections that take inspiration photos from the vintage suits that everyone still loves. So many contemporary homes I’m working on now have these gorgeous, clean black and white exterior spaces that I’m obsessed with, but there is nothing wrong with adding in some organic texture and even some warm earth tones for richness. Clean boxwood topiaries in tall industrial pots add softness without breaking the form aesthetic, and throwing an asymmetrical assortment of pillows and casually draped outdoor throws creates a juxtaposition that adds interest.


There is always that one quirky friend in the group who just can’t follow the rules; this one is for them! This whole vibe is colorful, funky, whimsical, and all about mixing and matching things to create a curated and quirky vibe that still looks polished. In this space, if there are extra toss pillows laying in the floor and things are a little messy, it only adds to the charm. Russet neutral tones, knits, and tribal prints bring warmth and character to a space that screams “Come curl up!” on those cooler weather days. This space always has random additions like this tall woven floor lamp, casual botanical arrangements, and bonus seating for last-minute guests.