Curve Appeal

After so many years of streamlined minimalism controlling the market, I’m having a blast bringing character back into pieces. As much as I love a fabulous arm or trim detail, nothing is as eye-catching as a unique silhouette!

Curved seating is by no means a new concept, and mid-century curved sofas and chaises can be found all over antique and vintage stores. While these profiles are sexy and super fun in just the right spaces, they can also read a bit kitschy or dare I say cheap, especially in a more open-concept home.

Thankfully, multiple furniture lines have taken inspiration and brought this vibe into the 21st century. They’ve not only upscaled these pieces for better ergonomics, but they’ve also brought in interesting details that make them attractive from all angles. A single curved chaise can be a beautiful addition to a bedroom or study, but a pair of large curved sofas can make an impact, as well.

They can really cozy up a big space to create a more intimate chat area and can just as easily divide a space into more intimate areas.