D is for Drop Leaf

A drop leaf table is a multi-purpose table that has a stable center section and hinged side panels that can be raised to enlarge the table surface, or lowered to reduce the surface (definition from about.com).  A rectangular drop leaf table (as pictured) could be used as a console backed up to a sofa & then transition to a dining table when you have company.  These tables are great for tight spaces or apartments & homes that don’t have a designated dining area.  Because of their size flexibility, they are a great investment because they can be used in so many different areas of your home.  You may use it in your current home as an entry piece or sofa table & then use it as a true dining table if you move to a larger home in the future.  They come in a variety of sizes & shapes & are a perfect purchase for those who move around a lot (or for those of us who like to re-arrange our furniture a lot!)

*Pictured is the Christiansen Dining Drop Leaf Table with Beeswing by Hickory Chair.  You can find Hickory Chair furnishings at IBB Design Fine Furnishings.

Here the table is shown as a console between two chairs.

Here the leaves are extended to create a dining table.