Adding Permanent Botanicals to the Mix

Photo by Dan Piassick

This has been the year of the dead plant at my house. I try so hard at the start of planting new greenery or florals, and then life happens. I get busy and distracted by the day-to-day onslaught of adulting, and I feel my dream of being a plant lady dying right alongside the dry and brittle husks of plants long forgotten or underwatered. But then, I had a revelation. Having a green thumb is not necessary for placing well-chosen blooms that instantly lift an interior— You just need to have an eye for gorgeous maintenance-free permanent greenery. Using permanent botanical florals gives you the opportunity to think outside the planter’s box for placement. Since you’re not having to consider the aftermath of a leaking or muddy pot, you don’t have to limit your selections to just tables and sideboards. Consider accenting an étagère, your nightstands, or a mantelpiece that still needs a little something. Something colorful and striking will always be a conversation-starter, and adding plants (permanent or not) instantly creates color and texture in any space. A combination of the right greenery or floral and the ultimate vase can really amplify your desired aesthetic. Think of the money, time, and energy you will save by having permanent, low-maintenance florals, especially with UV protectants. Your house guests will ask you, “How do you juggle it all?” And you know what your answer will be? The verdurous permanent florals selection at IBB, including a variety of blooms, greenery, vases, and subtle embellishments that complement any space, particularly the new additions from The Shay Geyer Collection. Warning! Our permanent plants look SO real, so make sure someone doesn’t accidentally water them.