Wallpaper & Window Treatments

I am a big believer in using unexpected materials to make an impact in your home, and in my opinion, wallpaper and drapes are the easiest way to make that big statement. Yes, I said wallpaper because it is back in a big way! There are so many interesting products on the market, from metallics to beads and embroidery to murals. Use wallpaper on an accent wall to draw attention to a certain area and bounce color or pattern around the room. Try it on the ceiling to draw your eye up, or even on the back of shelving to make your accessories pop. Be bold; be brave; trust your designer to make choices that you would not have thought of! We are trained to pull materials that complement each other and add interest to your room.

Another simple way to add softness and balance to a space is by adding drapery. This is often the easiest solution to a room that doesn’t feel quite finished. If you have a room with a low ceiling, hanging your drapes close to the ceiling can make the room feel taller. Conversely, a room with tall ceilings might benefit from a drape that hangs a little lower to make you feel cozy. A variety of textures and accents can take a simple drapery panel to the next level. Your designer can help you find the perfect accent tape to bring in pattern and texture. You can even play around with your drapery rod selections for that “wow” moment. Acrylic rods are a glam option that won’t distract your eye from other interesting aspects of your home or will add a special sparkle up high. Consult with your IBB Designer to make the best choices for you. We are here to help take you to the next level!