Outdoor Evolution

Photo By Dan Piassick

If you have been dreaming of a resort-inspired outdoor living area with gorgeous, fully-upholstered furniture, a calming fire pit and a completely functional outdoor kitchen, then your time has come. Days of running inside to entertain have passed, and designer furnishings have evolved to function perfectly outdoors as a starting place for entertaining.

Outdoor living is no longer an afterthought once you have completed the inside design. It has now become an extension of the indoor living areas with a wide selection of weatherproof, performance, and colorful fabrics. IBB Design has recently added new name-brand outdoor lines from top designers of exterior living furniture with sophisticated styles, gorgeous fabrics, and comfortable seating.

We have also added additional beautiful performance fabrics by the yard to add new life to an existing furniture piece.

You can have the resort look and calming feel right in your own backyard. There is no better therapy to escape from the challenges of the day than to sit on your patio and just relax and enjoy the moment.

I have had the pleasure lately of working with some amazing clients who have completely transformed their outdoor living spaces using the newly evolved outdoor living furnishings. These can be enjoyed for years to come and are a truly wonderful way to bring the “inside” to the “outside” now more than ever.