Top 5 Spring Décor Accessories

Well, spring is once again upon us. We’ve weathered a lot these past months: the holidays, the dreary winter, and oh yes – a pandemic! I find a nice “pick-me-up” is refreshing my home for spring. Holiday décor fills up space, but when it comes down, the house often feels a bit empty. A great way to make meaningful changes is by accessorizing.

Consider starting with a new piece of art or even a series of art pieces. Choose art that introduces a different color than what you may be used to. Once you do this, you can extract any color that exists in the artwork and layer it into your space to make it feel intentional. Great new additions also include a new floral. Orchids and faux flowers look more realistic than ever and are low maintenance and long lasting. Decorative pillows are another way to layer in color, texture, and pattern. They add comfort, in addition to being an important decorative element. Throws are great draped over the back or arm of the sofa or chair. There are so many now to choose from – cashmere, wool, or heavy chunky knits come in a rainbow of colors and textures.

Decorative boxes and cocktail table books are great options to add to your bookcase and cocktail table. These are just a few of my favorite ways to initiate a quick and easy but effectual change to refresh your home. You can have fun with this and, if you tire of the changes, you can easily move the items to different places around your home to refresh other areas and then start all over again!