101920_Meghan_Blog_Fall2020It’s that time of year again when school starts and homework begins. Normally, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of school supplies, practice schedules, and lunch menus. But we all know this year isn’t normal. Whether or not your kiddos are going to be learning in school or learning online at home, it is important to have a workspace equipped with everything they need to make the learning experience as seamless as possible. Having a visually cluttered workspace means there are potential distractions and can get in the way of the ability to focus. These items will help keep the area organized and provide a little visual comfort at the same time.


Storage ottomans – These can be great to switch up the seating during the day, but the true benefit is being able to store things such as cords, charges, iPads, and anything else unsightly but that you need quick access to.


Boxes – These stacked on a desk look great and can store things such as calculators, ink cartridges, and earbuds.


Good lighting – Task lighting is important because it helps better accomplish a specific activity. This is especially essential if the desk area is in a common space where focusing is key.


Comfy chair – It’s hard to get kids to stay seated for long! Tackle that problem upfront and get a chair that provides all the support they need in order to make the most of their productivity.