KayLewis-article_Fall2020_02Whenever we walk into a doctor’s or dentist’s office, we expect to get the very best care possible; care that is up-to-date with all the new research and development of new treatment plans for our particular health issue. That’s a reasonable assumption…


However, we often are met with just the opposite when we see a reception area that is straight out of the Eighties. Big, overstuffed highleg chairs, scratched up wood tables, and stained carpet can make you wonder if they are still giving the same outdated treatments and advice.


KayLewis-article_Fall2020_01Most professionals enter their office space through a private entrance and rarely go into the reception area to actually see what their clients are seeing. Redoing the office space will certainly send the right message to any potential patients or clients. There are many different furniture styles with performance fabrics that will make your office a much more pleasant and current environment that shows, “Yes, I got this!” An updated office will allow your clients to have more confidence that they are dealing with a professional and successful person who cares about their comfort.