From Basic to Beautiful

Creating your home sanctuary can feel overwhelming at times. Stop. Breathe. You’ve got this. I’m a firm believer that your home should be all about you: your likes, loves, and adventures. Your story. I am here to help.
In this space, I opted for clean and classic neutrals layered with textures and different materials to create interest. I used black and warm woods to provide contrast and then layered in plants and flowers to soften and elevate. The personality of this client was brought in with art, books, and accessories.

An easy way to start is with the basics. Select quality pieces that are comfortable, scaled proportionately, and meet YOUR personal aesthetic. When in doubt, clean lines provide flexibility and longevity. If color is your thing, jump in and embrace it. If you prefer a more neutral palette, you can always bring in color (if you desire) with pillows, artwork, and other accents.

Once the key pieces are in place, it’s time to add your personality. Do you have favorite collections? Are you an avid reader? Traveler? Artist? Lover of found objects? Do you have favorite items passed down through your family? This is the opportunity to put your personal stamp on the space. Group your favorite pieces on tables, bookshelves, or consoles, paying attention to scale and proportion. Hang art that makes your heart smile or a mirror to brighten an area.

Think outside the box. Items do not need to match, but they should be having the same conversation—a common thread of color, lines, and vibe. Experiment and have fun. Again, this is your home.

Don’t forget that a room should answer to multiple senses: sight, scent, touch. Adding a candle and/or flowers can elevate the enjoyment of your space. Now, go have fun!