PIROUETTES® for the Win!

Sunrise Blinds offers a wide variety of window covering solutions from indoor to outdoor shades, and the indoor covering that keeps coming back for the win is the Pirouettes.®
Here are a few reasons why we love these shades:

  • When they are fully open, the vanes provide a clear view to the outside.
  • If they are slightly raised, the vanes present a contoured look while still providing privacy.
  • Closed vanes offer complete privacy with a modern Roman look.
  • Pirouettes extend light control at your fingertips.
  • You get complete versatility with vanes that can tilt fully opened or closed.
  • These cover a large span of windows.
  • Motorization and manual operation are available.
  • Fully compatible with home automation.
  • They provide added UV Protection.
    Sunrise has several great winter specials, so reach out to us if you need any assistance with comparing the various window covering options.