Outdoor Artificial Plants

As real as they look outdoors, artificial trees are made out of top quality plastic, carefully chosen material to give the finished product a natural look while still being strong enough to stand up to the elements.   Synthetic outdoor trees and bushes should have enough UV protection to not fade even in the sunniest of conditions.


The beauty is, as with everything, in the details such as the texture of the stems and the complex coloring of the leaves and petals. Artificial outdoor plants will look as good if not better than the real thing but without the constant feeding, watering and pruning. This leaves you free time to enjoy your outdoor space without the daily maintenance of gardening.


Outdoor shrubs and trees come both potted and unpotted, giving you the versatility to set them in rock or directly into the ground for a natural look. Potted ones can be displayed as is and will add the texture of the greenery to your patio, pool surround or deck as well as the color and design of the pot.


It may become quite expensive as well as frustrating replacing your outdoor plants year after year when they die or just look sad, and artificial plants can provide a perfect alternative. Beware, though. Not all manufacturers are the same.  Some manufacturers offer a five-year warranty against fading in high sun areas and extreme temperatures, while others leave you in the dark. Make sure to view the warranty before you purchase an outdoor artificial plant. IBB has some beautiful outdoor tree, plant, and greenery vendors that offer the texture, look, scale, durability and warranty that you are looking for.