IBB Design Showroom Designed by Pam Hood

Bring In the Color

IBB Design Showroom Designed by Pam HoodDo you remember your first impression of our IBB Design store in Frisco?

Mine was “WOW, I just love all of the beautiful, vibrant colors!”

Would you like to bring in some pops of color in your neutral room?  Your room may be done in shades of light gray, beige or cream right now, so bring in the color and feel alive! Start by picking an accent color to pop in at least three places around your room. You can get color inspiration from a print fabric, art piece or an area rug that you want to use in the room.


IBB Design Showroom Designed by Pam Hood

I love to pop color on accent pillows and throws on upholstery pieces like sofas and chairs in living areas or in bedrooms.  Decorative accessories like lamps, vases, boxes and trays are a great way to sprinkle color around your room on occasional tables in family rooms and nightstands and dressers in bedrooms.  Art and drapery panels add color on your walls, and vibrant area rugs bring color to your floors.


You can use the 60-30-10 rule when deciding on what colors to use if you are just getting started. Let’s say you want to use a favorite print fabric in your room. Pick a wall color from your print fabric. This background color can be the lightest color in the print and 60% of your color palette. You can also use this color or slightly deeper tones of this color on large pieces like your sofa or an area rug if you would like to keep the big pieces neutral. Thirty percent of your color palette can be from the mid-tones of the print. You can use these colors on accent chairs, ottomans or benches or draperies. Your final 10% will be the accent colors you want to use on accessories around the room.


Color is a wonderful way to bring your room to life, reflect your personality and create balance in your room.