GMT 1-16-09

We’re bringing sexy back!  Curved sofas have been around for ages, but they’re rapidly growing more & more popular.  Rounded or curved sofas are not necessarily a new thing, but some manufacturer’s are having lots of fun vamping up this frame style.  The great thing about a curved or rounded sofa is that it can easily “float” in a room.  Most rounded sofas are interesting & pretty to look at from the back as well as the front, so you don’t have to back it up to a wall or window.  These frame styles are ideal for an open concept floor plan.  Curved sofas can fit well into just about any room.  They fit nicely in bay windows if you want to use a small scale sofa for a sitting area in a master bedroom.  Just remember to consider size & scale.  Go ahead, make your house feel sexy!  Get yourself a sofa with some curves 😉

Watch the segment here.