Perfect Paint Picking!!!

Today on GMT, we’re talking paint!  If you want to avoid one of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their homes, then take note:  SAMPLE YOUR PAINT COLORS BEFORE YOU COMMITT!

Watch the segment here!


·1) 2 ways to sample paint: a) paint directly onto the wall or b) use plastic or foam sample boards made for sampling paint. These poster-like plastic sample boards can be picked up at most paint stores. I got these from Benjamin Moore for $2.99 a sheet. I cut them in half to be able to sample more colors, but if you want to make a larger sample just use it as is. The larger the sample is, the easier it is to visualize in the room, but I think they are still big enough even if you cut them in half.


·2) Tester set & mini-pots: These innovative “tester sets” can also be purchased at Benjamin Moore. They are completely re-usable. All you have to do is wash them out immediately after finishing your sample. Benjamin Moore has also created these mini-pots as a more cost effective way for people to test their paint colors before they buy. This keeps you from having to buy a quart of paint. They are available in most of their popular colors, but not their entire line. Benjamin Moore has nearly 4,000 different colors to choose from.

·3) Analyze one color at a time. Don’t hold up multiple sample boards to compare. Look at each sample individually & compare with how it looks with your fabrics, flooring & trim.

·4) Just because a paint color looked great in your neighbor’s house doesn’t mean that it will look good in your house. There are many factors that can change the look of paint from room to room. (i.e natural light, room dimension, trim & flooring colors & fabrics used in a room)