Top Five Permanent Botanicals

I love the look and scent of fresh flowers; they’re a great way to finish off a space. Unfortunately, they die quickly and take a lot of time to prep. An easy solution is permanent botanicals! Yes, they cost more upfront, but they will last forever and require little maintenance. Here is a list of my top five favorite permanent botanicals:

  1. Orchids – They come in a variety of colors and have a dramatic impact in a room.
  2. Hydrangeas – A classic, soft, elegant vibe. My favorites are plain white and soft blue.
  3. Palms/Fig Trees – Perfect to fill that empty corner and no dead leaves on the ground.
  4. Ferns – A definitively southern vibe, charming and lively.
  5. Succulents – A variety of shapes and colors grouped together look fabulous.