Are Pastels IN or OUT?

Photo by Audrie Dollins

Springtime is usually the time of year when you see pastels make their annual debut, but pastels are not just seasonal and can find a home in any application. A pastel is a hue mixed with just enough white to soften its saturation, giving the new color a lighter, muted tone. They used to be common in children’s rooms but can find their place in any room of the house. Pastels are definitely in and will freshen up any space.

Here are some tips to help bring out the best in pastels:

• Pastels do not have to be used together. Create a striking color palette by using them with their darker companions.
• Pastels are a great way to incorporate a color you love that might not work with everything, such as pinks, yellows, or greens.
• Use pastels in areas where you want to have a calming effect, such as in bedrooms and sitting areas.
• Choose the right wood finishes to go with your soft color scheme. Natural tones and whites complement them best.
• Invest in decorative pillows and throws that are two-toned and reversible. Several soft goods have a muted color on the back to allow for décor options.
• Mix in gold or silver to give the pastels a sophisticated, more elegant look.
• Pastels allow you to mix different patterns. Make sure to stay in the same color palette, though, so that it does not overpower the room.