DESIGN 101: Where to Start

WinterIBB2020_Issue_Blog_MeghanWhether you are starting from scratch or giving your space a makeover, putting a room together can be overwhelming. There is a fine balance between making your room functional but also beautiful. Implementing these basic steps will ensure your room is livable and will maximize its potential.

• FURNITURE LAYOUT Get a feel of the space and the major traffic flow. Do not push furniture up against the wall or create unnecessary angles that fight the shape of the room. Even if you have a small area, giving your furniture space to breathe will make the space look bigger. If you are unsure if something will work, use painters’ tape to mark off the area before you make your purchase.

• CONSIDER FUNCTION If you are always using your laptop on the sofa, make accommodations for that. If the area looks pretty but doesn’t suit your daily needs, you will most likely end up with your computer and cords cluttering up the space. A storage ottoman, for example, will hide clutter and give some extra seating at the same time. Make a list of what the room needs to accomplish for you and then plan for it.WinterIBB2020_Issue_Blog_Meghan

• CLASSIC PIECES Avoid trendy pieces on items meant to last a long time. Quality furnishings that have timeless design can be easily updated with current colors and accessories that are easily swapped out.

• GETTING THE RUG RIGHT The right size rug is crucial to making the rest of the room look put together. Bigger rather than smaller is a good rule of thumb. You want the rug to be at least 6” wider than the sofa on each side, and the front legs of your sofa and chairs should be on the rug.

WinterIBB2020_Issue_Blog_Meghan• FOCAL POINT Whether it is the great view, the TV, or a great piece of art, arranging your furniture to face a focal point will make the room much more inviting. This focal point should be the first thing you see when you enter the room. Using lighting to enhance your focal point will take it up a notch. Put it all together, and the result will be a room you enjoy in livable luxe!