Art Types Defined

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Art has been around for thousands of years, first adorning cave walls and telling stories of life and adventure. Continuously evolving in styles, mediums, and colors, art is a wonderful way to find direction when adorning your home.

Art gives you permission to layer elsewhere in your room any color that exists in the art piece. When selecting artwork, always purchase something that speaks to you. Art should evoke emotion when you view it. Does it make you happy or sad? Does it have energy or is it quiet? Does it tell a story or is it simply a way to introduce color into a room as an overall design plan?

When considering an art purchase, be aware that there are three main types. Print art is usually reproduced in large quantities and sold framed under glass. In this form, there are many options in terms of subject matter, and they are typically the least expensive.

The next type is called giclée, a French word meaning to spray ink on canvas. This process allows a high-definition image to be reproduced onto canvas, which gives the look of an original piece. This option, though, costs far less money than original artwork.

The other type to consider is an original work of art. These are generally the most expensive because they are one-of-a-kind and not reproduced. Original art pieces can be painted on canvas or wood. There are also many different mediums: acrylic, oil, watercolor, and pencil and pen to name a few. While these pieces are usually framed, more contemporary works may not be.

Some works may be purchased as an investment – something that will grow in value, but most art is considered decorative and is valued for its enjoyment. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and colors. Picking up art while traveling can be a great way to have memories attached to your purchase. Art should be an enjoyable acquisition. No matter what art style speaks to you, select something you love.