Designer Style: Turquoise

Kelly Wearstler is simply one of my very favorite interior designers.  Known for her bold use of color, her designs have received accolades and much admiration from across the globe.  I’ve followed her work for quite some time.  One of my favorite projects by Kelly is the Viceroy Hotel in Miami.  If you ever visit, make this your place to stay!

Read up!  Kelly has previously released 2 books, Modern Glamour &  Domicilium Decoratus.  Her latest book, Hue (debuted in November 2009), reflects many of her noteworthy projects displaying her courageous (and may I say well executed) use of color.

Kelly’s designs are inspiring & intoxicating.  Since we’re chatting so much lately about the 2010 color of the year, turquoise, I thought I’d share a few photos from her projects highlighting various uses of the shade.

Whether used in a small or large way, the impact is HUGE.  Take a look for yourself.

A rich hue added in a desk chair.

Possibly my favorite interpretation of the color.  This notable photo is from the interiors of the Viceroy Hotel in Miami.

Turquoise stones adorn a decorative box from her exclusive line of home accessories for Bergdorf Goodman.

I love the turquoise & blue stripe on this modern sofa.

The drapes & sectional are sensational!

Another fabulous photo of the Viceroy in Miami.

A sampling of her fabrics for Groundworks by Lee Jofa.

Check out that turquoise sofa!  I LOVE the combination with the yellow.  So striking!

Kelly showing off one of the most fabulous chairs ever!  The chair is encrusted with oodles of gorgeous stones.  It looks like a piece of jewelry.  You can sit on it yourself if you visit the Viceroy in Miami.