Tip in a Zip 10/23/09

Use my 2 P’s tip for a quick update for any room in your house ~ Paint & Pillows!  If you have neutral furniture, you can liven up your room by simply switching out your decorative pillows.  Or, if you have some extra time on your hands, try a fun new paint color for your walls.  Starting with a neutral color palette for your basics & introducing color gradually is a great option for those fickle design lovers.  You can easily switch these things out when your mood changes!  And, the best part is that both of these options are easy on your wallet.

See how to create 4 looks for one sofa!  Watch the video here.

**Remember, this works best when your basics (sofa, chairs, etc) are neutral with classic lines.  So, take the time to invest in quality classic pieces.**

Happy decorating!