IBB Design Showroom Design Living Room


IBB Design Showroom Design Living RoomWith the upcoming season change, it’s natural to get the itch to transform your environment at home. Here are a few tips to switch up your living space:


  1. Choose art that has multiple colors in it so you can pull different colors for different seasons.


  1. Rotate your furniture! Move those ottomans from the game room to the living room to change the color story. The same can be done with pillows and accessories.


  1. Beautiful twigs and leafy branches in a large vase can bring the outdoors in and add a casual, easy vibe.


  1. Change your cocktail table books to reflect upcoming holidays or your new color story.


  1. Repurpose furniture. If you have a small dining table you’re not using, use it as an end or center table. You can use a bench or ottomans as a cocktail table.


  1. Switch your lighting. Try a floor lamp instead or finally change that ceiling fan to a chandelier.


  1. Add texture. A chunky knit throw or a sisal rug adds dimension to a room.