IBB Living Room Design by Karen Holloway


IBB Living Room Design by Karen HollowayRugs have been an integral part of home décor for thousands of years for both function and aesthetics. In centuries past, rugs were a status symbol, affordable only by the wealthiest patrons, as they were an artistic expression made principally of fine wools and silks. Fortunately, with modernization and globalization, we can all enjoy the warmth and beauty of a well-made rug – and the options are endless.


Some like to start a room’s design with the rug selection, then working in the colors and textures of the remainder of the décor. Others may want to select the rug after the other décor is determined or may only want to update a room or rooms using existing furnishings. There is no right or wrong, and there is no limit to the rug options.

Here are some pointers to consider when shopping for a rug:

DECIDE ON YOUR LOCATION! Where will the rug be used? The fiber and construction of the rug are especially important to consider in the use of the rug. It can be very disappointing to fall in love with the look and feel of a rug only to realize it will not withstand use in a high-traffic area.

GO NATURAL IN TRAFFIC! Natural fibers like wool, cotton, or linen are user-friendly in heavily trafficked areas and those susceptible to food or moisture and can be found in a variety of price ranges.

KEEP STATEMENT DELICATE FIBERS IN LOW TRAFFIC! Delicate fibers, i.e. silks and viscose, make a beautiful, more formal statement and should only be considered for low traffic areas.


DETERMINE THE CONSTRUCTION! There are three basic construction methods to consider: machine tufted, hand tufted, and hand knotted.
1. Machine tufted rugs are made by power looms and, depending on the quality of the fibers used, can offer a lower price point option. They are most commonly made of man-made fibers but can be found in cotton or linen.

2. Hand tufted rugs are hand made using a mechanized tool. They offer a hand-made look, but the strands are not knotted and offer a wide range of rug options in a moderate price point.

3. Hand knotted rugs, often referred to as Oriental rugs, are made entirely by hand using a specialized loom and can be found in different types of wools, silk, cotton, and linens. They have long been used in any area of a home because of their durability, quality, and uniqueness. The origin of these rugs can be identified by the pattern styles and colors. Depending on the size and intricacy of pattern, it may take 6-12 months to create a hand knotted rug and will be the most expensive of the three, but it will be an heirloom rug, lasting through generations.

karen-article-rugs-3One of IBB’s knowledgeable designers will be happy to assist in your rug selection from the vast inventory available at IBB. There are some great options in all categories for adding comfort and style to your indoor or outdoor living spaces.