GMT 7/24/09

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Could the way you place your furniture in your home really affect your productivity and emotional well being in life? Yes!  It can.  Think about it.  Would you be more excited to come home to a mish-moshed unorganized home, or a stylish, inviting & functional home?

When designing a room in our home, we should strive for furniture arrangements that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Taking the time to do this will ultimately give you peace of mind as well as a beautiful retreat.

Follow these simple tips to help achieve harmony in your home.

1.  Clearly define your overall vision for the room and the activities that will take place there.

2.  Determine how many people you want the room to comfortably seat.

3.  Define the focal point for the room (i.e. TV hutch or armoire, or fireplace)

4.  Your furniture should be harmonious with your focal point. Most of your main seating should either face the focal point directly or be angled towards it.

5.  U-shaped arrangements work best for the majority of rooms.

6.  Try to avoid placing the furniture against the walls. “Floating” the furniture creates a more intimate and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

7.  If you are working with a very large room, create two or more separate and distinct areas within the room. Define each area with its own conversation grouping or groupings.

8.  Your largest piece of furniture (typically a sofa for living areas) should act as the anchor or grounding piece for the room. Start with this piece and arrange the rest of your items proportionally.