Wild with Style!

I just cannot get enough of animal prints!  I think it’s just one of those things I will never get sick of.  I love the way they add drama to an otherwise boring color palette.  Zebra is one of my favs.  I used 2 huge tufted back chairs from Sherrill out of zebra in my family room.  The high contrast between the black & white is so simple, yet it does wonders for a blah room.  Many of you are wondering how much is too much animal print?  While I’ve seen rooms successfully carried out using a variety of colors & variations of differnet animal prints, I would say stick to one or two items per room of any bold print.  Too much could get confusing and very busy for the eye.  In the photo above, we’re showcasing several ways to use zebra.  I wouldn’t suggest using all of these pieces in one room, but one or two could help bring out your wild side 😉