IBB’s Signature Bed Style

We’ve all seen the beds in magazines and showrooms that look absolutely delightful, yet completely unattainable at home. Some people like tons of decorative pillows, while some need several blankets to sleep under. No matter your preference, follow these easy steps to making your bed not only picture perfect, but functional, too.


#1 – Sheets
Sheets are perhaps the most important linen investment. You spend a lot of time in your bed, so do not compromise on your sheets. Invest in three sets (one for the bed, one for the hamper, and one set for the linen closet) and wash and rotate regularly. Good quality sheets soften with each wash and only get more luxurious with time. We recommend white or ivory sheets as they clean the easiest and are the perfect backdrop for any bedding.

#2 – Coverlet
Texas isn’t the coldest state, so it makes sense to have a light blanket or coverlet as a staple on your bed. Layering on top of your flat sheet makes it easy to keep cozy on nights that aren’t super chilly. Always make sure your coverlet is washable and won’t snag if you have fur babies join you in bed.

#3 – Duvet/Foot Warmer

What is a duvet? Duvets are the bed cover casing that you can put an insert in such as down or down alternative. It allows you to truly customize the type and weight of bedding that works for you. You can drape this over the foot of your bed for decoration during the day in those warmer months and use it as your main bedding cover in the colder ones.

#4 – Euro Shams and Pillows
This is the stage where a lot of opinions come into play – no pillows or extra pillows? Euro shams are the square pillows propped in front of your sleeping pillows and are the perfect size for providing extra support when you need it. They can be a nuisance when making your bed every morning but come in handy when lounging in bed reading or watching TV. Keep them in a handy storage container under your bed for easy access.



#5 – The Complete Bed
Because there are just a few key components to making a luxurious bed, it’s important to note that each piece should be good quality and, more important, make you smile. When we go on vacation, we want our room to relax us, give us peace of mind, and make us feel pampered and special. We don’t need to go to a resort to get that feeling – we can achieve that in our own bedrooms every night.