Transforming Window Silhouettes®

Transform your windows with SILHOUETTE® sheer shades. Silhouette ClearView shadings offer superior view-through combined with precise light control, so you can enjoy a daytime view, while maintaining yo ur privacy. A black rear sheer is featured on all ClearView fabrics to allow a more natural light view into and out of your home.

Harsh sunlight is transformed into beautiful natural daylight while preserving outside views, without losing daytime privacy. The elite motorized operating systems help you achieve perfect light control while providing UV protection and reflecting solar heat.

Soft fabric vanes tilt to achieve just the right amount of natural illumination and collapse to roll up and away completely into a fabric covered headrail. Child Safety is enhanced due to the absence of external or internal cords. Silhouettes® are the clear winner for transforming window coverings for your home!