Sustainable Living

Sustainable design materials are on-trend right now. Not only can they lower your ecological footprint, but they can also improve your health.

Bamboo Flooring – Bamboo is a fast-growing type of grass, not a tree and is both strong and flexible.

Natural Stones – Using sustainable natural stone offers a timeless look to your home. Choose Travertine, Marble, Tile, or Terrazzo that has recycled content to add elegance to your home.

Cork – From the bark of the cork oak tree, cork can be used on walls, floors, and accessories.

Reclaimed Wood – A versatile multi-purpose material can be used as flooring, wood beams, and mantels,

Recycled Glass – There are endless ways to use Recycled Glass in your kitchen, from glass cabinet fronts, glass vases, and even countertops made with recycled glass.

Low or No-VOC Paint – Opt for painting your walls with a paint that is free of volatile organic compounds that are toxic to humans, pets, and the environment.

Performance Fabrics – Using highly durable and easily cleanable fabrics on your upholstery will help lengthen the life of those furniture pieces.