Fall 2017 One RoomChallenge: Week 5

Since it’s not quite time to share the big reveal, I thought I’d give you guys a behind the scenes look at our installation. It took a village to pull off the installation & get it all photographed. Huge shout out to all of the Dwell with Dignity volunteers & everyone from #teamIBB that helped!


Here’s a little hanging tip that my friend Laura from DWD shared with us when we went to hang this brass longhorn.


When you have a piece of art that has D rings or screw holes, take toothpaste & dab it on each hole or D ring & then press it on the wall where you want to hang it. The toothpaste will leave  marks (you can wipe up later) showing you exactly where you need to hang it.


Then all you have to do is drill & hang. So easy!

I was so excited to run into one of my friend’s sweet mom at the installation. She is a regular volunteer for Dwell with Dignity. Thank you for your help Sid!

It’s always nice when my hubby can help out on an installation. He’s so handy & great at problem solving. We make a great team & have so much fun together. Thank you for your help honey!  If you see him around tomorrow, (November 2nd) then make sure you tell him Happy Birthday ?

You’re also seeing Jose & Adrian from #teamIBB in the photo. They do a fabulous job for us installing our client projects & delivering goodies from IBB. Thanks guys!

Lastly, you see Erin Letry, the junior designer on my team, in the mirror reflection. Erin is my right hand & keeps all of our projects organized and running smoothly.  Thank you for your help on this project Erin!

Tune in next week for more details about the project. The big reveal will be on Wednesday, November 17th.   In the meantime, check out the other Calling it Home One Room Challenge featured designers below.