Nail it with Nail heads!

Add some pazazz to your furniture & nail the look you want.ย  Sorry for the pun.ย  I just couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ˜‰

A technique once used out of necessity is making a huge comeback in a very sophisticated stylish way.ย  Nail heads can really liven up a Plain Jane sofa, chair and other accessories.ย ย  They date back to the period of 1560-1643 and the advent of French Country Style during the reign of Louis XIII.ย  The Os de Mouton chair marked the introduction of nail head trim

A nail head is a decorative accent that is used to embellish upholstered furniture & even some case goods.ย  They can accentuate the style of the piece and is usually used on arms and rails.ย  Nail heads are most commonly used with leather-upholstered furniture, particularly leather sofas, chairs and ottomans.

Ideas for how & when to use:

  • *can be used to add accents, decoration, or “jewelry” for your furniture
  • *when re-upholstering your own furniture to add a finished look and to hide staples or imperfections
  • *nail heads come in many designs, sizes and finishes ~ plain to ornate, polished brass or brushed nickel
  • *can be found at hardware stores and home centers
  • *nail heads must be hammered in one by one by using a tack hammer