Kayla has been creating residential new construction interior design at IBB for six years working with the Highland Homes homebuyers.  She has a lifelong interest for interior design and thrives on assisting clients create their dream homes.  Kayla loves helping people create a comfortable home they can live in that feels curated rather than staged. She draws inspiration from the outdoors and finds beauty in incorporating nature in a more transitional design style.  Kayla’s personal style is laid back with a mix of traditional and modern elements that fit her clients’ style and goals.

Kayla is married and has two children, a grandbaby, and a dog.  She earned a master’s degree in forensic science and has a passion for yoga and is getting certified to teach yoga. Her favorite thing to do when she isn’t working is spending time with her family and reading books.  She also enjoys traveling and anything that takes her outdoors by the sea.

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