Blake brings over 15 years’ experience in the Interior design industry. He has always had a passion for creating unique and chic interiors as far back as he can remember. He decided very early in life that he would pursue a career in interior design.

After high school, he chose to refine those natural talents with a formal education. He graduated top of his class from the Art Institute of Dallas with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design. He has held multiple design positions, led creative teams, successfully run his own freelance design business, and worked as the Director of Visual Merchandising for an upscale modern furniture company. 

Blake’s personal design aesthetic is ever-evolving. He loves the glitz of Hollywood Glam, the variety of Bohemian Eclectic, and the industrial masculinity of Urban Modern. He has a penchant for mixing textural organic elements with sleek sexy finishes and clean lines of timeless furniture silhouettes. Blake captures the essence of his client’s unique personality by creating a designer space, tailor-made to their individual lifestyle, taste, and needs. He loves to incorporate meaningful pieces of nostalgia they’ve collected throughout their lives. Having the artistic vision to repurpose these items in a totally new and unique design feature gives him the ability to create a meaningful conversation piece that truly makes the space “their own.”

Blake loves trying new things, doesn’t believe in the usual “Fashion faux-pas”, never backs down from a challenge, and works best under pressure. He loves the quiet elegance of a layered neutral space, the youthful funky vibe created by layering multiple patterns with pops of rich bold color, and enjoys paying homage to the timeless styles of the 1920’s and 30’s by marrying timeless vintage classics with an updated contemporary color palette.

When it comes to interior design, he is truly a chameleon. He builds client relationships on honesty and trust: learning what’s meaningful and beautiful to them and what gives them joy and happiness. As a result, he’s able to create a couture space that will satisfy even the most discerning clientele.

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